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Ottenere tutte le domande del test patente di guida con le loro risposte. Samarth App. RTO Exam - Gujarat. Active Brains. Preparazione all'esame RTO per la patente di guida Gujarat. RTO Exam in Hindi. Mantra App. How much was each? Doubtless the till was programmed to help customers at the time of the changeover. Greetings and courtesies 1 As in English, the greeting you use depends on the time of day and who you are talking to. It is used in any formal situ- ation: Buongiorno, signora.

Buongiorno, signorina. Sono Angela Smith. Ah, signora Smith, buongiorno. Un attimo, prego. Si accomodi. Buongiorno, signora Smith. Venga, venga. Buongiorno, signor Rossi. He indicates a chair for Mrs Smith. Come va? Bene, grazie. E Lei? Mr signora abbr. Good morning, a coffee please 11 It is usual not to capitalize these titles. Scusi, signora. Note that the word signore has an -e on the end when it is used without the name, i. In practice, too, the choice of signora or signorina depends partly on the age of the lady although signorina is not used a great deal. Her son, Marco, is at home with a cold.

Buongiorno, professore. Bene grazie, e Lei? Bene grazie. E Marco? Marco sta male. Ha un raffreddore. Mi dispiace, signora. E Suo marito? Sta bene, grazie. Lavora molto. Mi scusi, devo andare. ArrivederLa a presto. Auguri a Marco e saluti a Suo marito. ArrivederLa, professore. Buongiorno, un caffè per favore ha un raffreddore he has a cold mi dispiace I am sorry, lit.

Expressing regret about something unpleasant or unfortunate. It is slightly different from mi scusi see below. It is often used by shopkeepers, bank clerks etc. Less formal is arrivederci. It is also very common, when saying goodbye in formal conver- sations, to add buongiorno too, as Mrs Martini does. After mid- afternoon, people often use buonasera lit. It is usual to use titles like this when talking to professional people e. Ciao, Gianni. Oh, ciao Paolo. Tutto bene? Mi dispiace, devo scappare. A presto.

Vocabulary tutto bene? Is everything all right? You also use tu when talking to children, family and colleagues. These days, Italians on the whole prefer to use tu once they get to know you or if they are working with you. Language point Personal pronouns and verbs You have now met the word Lei several times. By convention it is written with a capital L although this convention is not always observed nowadays. It should be used in formal letter-writing. You have also met tu. You may have noticed that after per a preposition you have a different form. Here are the forms for the singular: The h is silent. This verb provides the only cases in Italian of an initial h. Exercise 5 Rewrite this short conversation between two friends as an exchange between two people whose relationship is formal, Sig.

Rossi and Avv. Ciao, Marco, come va? Devo andare. Exercise 6 Look back over the dialogues and pick out the verbs used without subject pronouns. You are looking for other verbs. Reading Bar famosi Read the passage and try to answer the questions. It is not necessary to understand every word. These bars are expensive! Esiste dal Il proprietario, Arrigo Cipriani, è anche lui un personaggio famoso a Venezia. It is usual in Italian to refer to a century this way.

La gente is singular, even though it refers to an idea that seems plural. Make sure you understand them and try to learn them. It is wise to revise when learning. To do Exercise 7 you have to read this unit again. This will help you remember it. It would also be helpful to listen to the recording again. And, very importantly, do this again after each unit. In this unit you will learn about: An Italian, sitting at the next table, is watching him and eventually leans over. Unit 2: Mi scusi, signore. Lei è americano? Mi chiamo Harry McNamara. Abito a Boston. Io sono italiano. Mi chiamo Pietro Mussi.

Sono romano, di Roma. Mia madre è italiana. Ah, capisco. Mio fratello abita in America. Abita a Los Angeles. Lei è in Italia in vacanza o per lavoro? Sono qui per lavoro. Vengo spesso a Bologna. Mi piace. Ora Bologna: Piazza Maggiore and the Palazzo del Podestà. Mi chiamo Harry, sono americano, e Lei? Arrivederci a stasera, forse? A stasera. Buona giornata. Vocabulary mi chiamo my name is lit. When you say a person or a place is simpatico it means you like them. Look back over Dialogue 1. You probably picked out: Look to see which nouns they qualify.

You have two men talking who say: But Harry says his mother is italiana, siciliana. Adjectives are of two types. A man is americano, a woman is americana; i. Many adjectives for nationality are of this sort. They are written with a small letter. Many adjectives of nationality, for instance, end in -e: Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish should try not to feel too offended when Italians assume they are English.

The adjective statunitense, derived from Stati Uniti, is sometimes heard. The usual word is americano. A man and a woman will both say: Adjectives usually follow the noun in Italian. Exercise 1 Say in Italian what nationality you think the following people might be. Luciano Pavarotti. Luciano Pavarotti è italiano. Los Angeles. Los Angeles è una città americana. Some nouns in the third group are masculine and some are feminine.

Where they relate to people it is easy to guess which gender they are: But in most cases you have to learn the gender. For example, paese is masculine. Can you tell which verb ending indicates io? It is -o. There are three groups in all. Here are some more: You can possibly guess at the meaning of them. If not, check in the Glossary. The tu form of verbs always end in -i: So you get: You also met some irregular verbs: There was another verb in Dialogue 1: We will come back to this later.

Exercise 2 Look at the drawings on the facing page and match each with one of the following verbs. How would you say each one? It is not the oppo- site of mi piace. Exercise 4 How would you say you like the following? Mi chiamo Paolo Bianchi. Sono italiano. Sono di Milano. Sono alto e biondo. Sono medico e lavoro in un ospedale a Milano. Naturalmente abito a Milano. Mia moglie si chiama Luisa. Mi piace giocare a tennis, mi piace anche la musica classica.

Language point Saying what you do for a living Paolo says sono medico. You will also hear: Here are some other jobs: Some of these words have a masculine and feminine form as indicated. There are many women lawyers and doctors in Italy but it is not usual to make a feminine form for the words avvocato and medico. She might be una donna-manager, or simply manager yes, using the English word. Fill in the gaps using the verbs listed you may use a verb more than once. Mi piace il mio lavoro. Exercise 7 You have just met Giorgio at a reception and he gives you a short portrait of himself.

Complete what Giorgio says using the words below use each word once only. In these passages you met some more adjectives: You will notice these adjectives all end in -o. Mi chiamo Luisa, Luisa Lucchini. Sono italiana. Sono bionda, e sono alta. Sono di Bologna ma abito e lavoro a Milano. Sono inseg- nante. Mio marito si chiama Paolo. Io sono sportiva. Mi piace giocare a tennis e a golf. Amo la musica lirica e quando ho tempo mi piace andare alla Scala.

Mi piace Milano. Vocabulary un liceo a high school, upper secondary school amo I love la musica lirica opera Notice that Luisa says: Take into account sense and gender some adjectives can go with more than one word. How many reasonable and grammatically correct combinations can you make? It is also useful to be able to do the same about other people. Dialogue 2 Suo marito, come si chiama? Luisa Lucchini, the Milanese teacher, is talking to a Canadian tourist in the hotel where they are both spending their holiday.

They have talked about themselves. Now they are talking about their husbands. E Suo marito, come si chiama? Si chiama Paolo. Che lavoro fa? Lavora in un ospedale a Milano. E come passa il suo tempo libero? Gioca a tennis e ama anche il golf. Gli piace anche la musica classica. Suona il pianoforte. Spesso la sera ascolta musica. Si chiama Bill. Non è canadese, è scozzese. Lavora in una banca a Toronto. La banca è una banca inglese. No, non è sportivo. Invece è appassionato per il fai- da-te. Oh, che bello! Internet Explorer 1. Eseguire il Browser Internet Explorer 2.

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